Receive files from anyone, anywhere.

Vinder makes it simple & secure.

How it works:

We've built a platform for anonymously receiving files over the internet, encrypted via TLS—free of charge, and free of traces. Simply create your preferenced Vinder Link, and share it with friends, colleagues and family to start receiving files. You remain completely anonymous while using our services. We believe in creating modern, high quality products, free of censorship, without compromising on your integrity.

You'll also not have to worry about where your files are stored and for how long they're stored, because as soon as you open them, they'll be queued for deletion. The sender choses for how long you will have access to the files they send you—and once deleted, not even Vinder will be able to retrieve them.

Access your files from anywhere

Access all files and documents of importance from anywhere, on any device. We've optimized all of our products to work just as smooth, and to be just as secure no matter which device you use them on—because we believe in accessibility.

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