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With Vinder, you can easily transfer files directly from one device to another, without having to worry about where your files are stored, and for how long they will be stored— because they're automatically deleted after 60 minutes.
Additionally, we store no traces, meaning that you remain anonymous while using Vinder.

Transferring a file using Vinder takes just a couple of seconds, and we don't require you to install an app, or to sign up for an account. Vinder is simply used in your preferenced web browser, of course free of charge.

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Vinder Links

We give users the ability to create their own Vinder Link, a tool allowing them receive files anonymously, from anywhere and at any time - directly through Vinder, remaining just as simple and secure as any of our products.

With a Vinder Link, you can easily receive pictures from an event you attended with friends, or important documents and excel-files from colleagues. All it takes is just a simple step; you send them your Vinder Link - and they click on it, and upload their files. Every sending you receive can easily be accessed from your Vinder account, meaning that you can open and work with your files from anywhere.

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The Dashboard was created as an alternative to today's file-management services. We created the Dashboard to give users the option to store their files on Vinder's servers with confidence whilst knowing that their files are kept safe and accessible.

* The Dashboard is in beta and cannot be previewed at this time.