Revolutionizing the way we deal with files.

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The company and our mission;

Our mission is to establish a safe, neutral platform for handling files— whether it is to provide you, as an individual, a safe way to transfer files and documents between devices, or to provide you as a journalist, editor or businessman, the ability to anonymously receive files of importance, without having to give up your integrity, and whilst being sure that the files your send or receive doesn't get to any third-parties. We're establishing this using new, never-before-thought-of methods.

We are building a platform for not only sending and receiving files, but also for handling and storing files, similar to our established competitors— but in a safe, and ethical way, without selling your information, and providing you with great security and integrity for a fraction of the cost of using our competitor's services.

Vinder AB is based in Sweden and is operated by its founder and CEO, Alexander K. Vuletic.
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